ForeSee Experience Index

The definitive annual study of the retail customer experience

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Which retailers are providing exceptional shopper experiences? How has the omnichannel customer journey changed? What do 40,000 shopper surveys reveal about the top retailers’ three most important customer channels: store, web, and mobile? Find out in the 2016 ForeSee Experience Index.

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CX Over Time

How has satisfaction changed in store, web, mobile?

(All FXI scores on a 100-point scale)

The Horse Race

What brands are providing exceptional experiences?

Customer Journey Analytics

Where does the customer journey end?
Depends on where it begins.

Customer Journey

Why CX Matters

When someone has a great experience…

CX is the New Battleground

This year’s ForeSee Experience Index uncovers several significant trends for executives in any industry to consider. Customers no longer tolerate different experiences in different channels.

Our research shows that retailers struggle to move beyond single-channel tactics. Brands often view CX as the sum of individual and independent parts, while customers want integrated, omnichannel experiences more than ever. Smart companies will measure the complete customer experience holistically and in individual channels and touchpoints to achieve the biggest impact across their entire organization.

While our data shows that CX is stagnating in store and web, retailers in those channels have maintained their ground. In the modern landscape, you have to be aggressive just to keep CX scores stable. Improving CX scores requires real creativity and diligence. When measured right, CX takes customer expectations into account and helps retailers prioritize ways to meet and exceed them. The patented ForeSee statistical engine calculates FXI scores for a variety of top retailers in each channel. FXI scores are superior measurements of CX, with a 12-year history of accuracy and important practical implications for future bottom-line success.

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