Total Economic Impact

What is the financial impact of partnering with ForeSee to measure and improve customer experience? A commissioned study by Forrester Consulting based on interviewed ForeSee customers shows how CX Suite drives economic benefits gained over three years for a composite organization.

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How CX Suite Promotes Financial Growth

The ForeSee Total Economic Impact (TEI) study highlights the improved conversion rates, revenue, and cost savings made possible by CX Suite.


in PV benefits

Including millions in:

  • Increased digital sales
  • Retained digital sales
  • Avoided costs
  • Reduced call-center costs
  • Reduced outsourcing fees

“We wanted an external group—that we trusted—to provide quantitative insights that would dictate the path forward and demonstrate the financial benefits for each of those paths.”

—Director, Direct Marketing and Operations, Apparel

Fast, Scalable ROI


Payback in
< 3 months


315% ROI

“ForeSee prioritizes where we put our finite resources.”

—Forrester TEI interviewee

Read the Forrester Study

See how Forrester determined that ForeSee CX Suite creates millions in financial outcomes driven by:

  • Better internal decision making informed by data
  • Timely and actionable CX insights, layered impact analysis, and benchmarks
  • Broader VoC awareness to drive focused and customer-centric strategies

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Watch a deep-dive analysis of the ForeSee TEI. Hosted by ForeSee and featuring Forrester, the webinar provides additional financial impact details and includes a Q&A session.

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