A 5-Step Model for CX Excellence in Energy and Utilities

Energy and utility providers face new market and customer challenges. See how a focus on CX is helping regulated and deregulated businesses meet customer expectations, drive efficiencies, and unlock new revenue streams.

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Maximizing customer value is high priority for every Energy and Utilities business. By improving customer experience (CX), both regulated and deregulated providers can meet rising consumer demands while driving internal efficiencies.

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  • Which CX pitfalls impact Energy and Utilities providers the most
  • How prioritizing CX improves customer engagement, brand reputation, and ROI
  • A five-step model for creating a Voice of Customer (VOC) culture across any organization

“When you really take the time to take care of your customers — across the journey — you’re going to be able to hold on to them. It’s a huge financial benefit.”

— Bruce Stewart, SVP and CMO, Constellation Energy

Leading Energy and Utilities providers trust ForeSee:


ForeSee's 5-Step Model for CX Excellence


Watch Mike Strohl, Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at Citizens Energy Group, explain how ForeSee is helping improve customer and employee satisfaction, while also boosting operating and financial performance.


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