ForeSee Experience Index: Utilities CX Insights

How providers deliver and win on customer experience

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Power to the People—Understanding the New CX‑Centric Utility Industry

Keeping the lights on isn’t enough anymore—today’s consumers demand more from their utility providers. Analyzing data from thousands of customers, the Utilities CX Insights report shows how 25 of the biggest providers in the U.S. rank on customer experience.


What’s Inside the Report

Utility providers that lead the way on CX score higher in satisfaction and trust—and uncover efficiencies and new revenue sources. Download the report to see our industry rankings plus insights on:

  • Call-center deflection techniques that could help save millions every year
  • New services and tools consumers want most
  • CX strategies for regulated and deregulated utilities
  • Customer journey data for call center, mobile, and web channels

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