Electrifying CX
How utility providers can
meet new consumer needs
while saving millions

Webinar Recording

Energy and utility providers are operating in a new environment: one that relies on great consumer experiences.

Keeping the lights on isn’t enough anymore—today’s consumers demand more. Analyzing data from thousands of customers, the Utilities CX Insights report shows how 25 of the biggest providers in the U.S. rank on customer experience.

Utility providers that lead the way on CX score higher in satisfaction and trust—and uncover efficiencies and new revenue sources. In this on-demand webinar, we'll discuss the findings of the report and how energy and utilities companies can turn that insight into action, including:

  • Call-center deflection techniques that could save millions
  • New services and tools consumers want most
  • CX strategies for regulated and deregulated utilities
  • Customer journey data for call center, mobile, and web channels

Eric Feinberg | ForeSee Chief Evangelist | Customer Experience (CX)

Eric Feinberg
Chief Evangelist

Tom McCartan | ForeSee Client Analyst | Customer Experience for Utilities

Tom McCartan
Client Analyst

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