Get it Right: Compete and Win on Customer Experience (U.K.)

Webinar Recording

We surveyed 40,000 shoppers to uncover how their experiences are shaping buying habits. Now, we'll dig in to the data to reveal how well U.K. shoppers think the world's biggest retailers are meeting their specific needs.

In this 30-minute webinar recording, we discuss findings from our Retail CX Rankings and Retail CX Insights reports. We've highlighted how customers rank 50 top global retailers on CX, as well as:

  • How the mobile customer journey is changing U.K. retail strategies
  • Why customers support—or abandon—stores and brands
  • How Apple, John Lewis, and M&S are winning on CX

You’ll come away with data-driven insights for getting CX right—specific to U.K. consumers—and be better prepared to advocate for CX in your organisation.

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Eric Feinberg

VP, Marketing
Author of ForeSee's Retail CX Insights


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Kat Stroud
Senior Client Analyst
ForeSee Europe