How USA Staffing (OPM)
and Other Agencies
Drive Results With CX

Webinar Recording

Mission-minded organizations value feedback from the people who depend on them.

And for good reason: Citizens who have a great customer experience (CX) are more likely to report trust in government and government services. But high satisfaction isn’t just good for the people you serve—it’s good for your organization’s bottom line. Providing good CX means people are twice as likely to use a website as a primary resource, reducing pressure on call centers and field sites.

Hear from Alesia Booth, Program Manager of USA Staffing at OPM, in this webinar focused on how organizations achieve better outcomes with CX. 

You’ll learn:

  • 7 ways to drive better outcomes from your CX strategy
  • How CX helps government organizations, like USA Staffing, better serve customers 
  • How public sector organizations can drive satisfaction and lower costs by fine-tuning their CX

Presented by:

lewan_dave - Copy.jpg
Dave Lewan
Vice President

lewan_dave - Copy.jpg
Alesia Booth
Program Manager
USA Staffing at OPM