The pressure is on for retail banks to radically simplify. But how do banks prioritize in an era of the omnichannel customer?

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Retail banks are playing catch up to digitally demanding customers. Meanwhile, the emergence of FinTech has not just created disruption and competition, but also upped the ante for retail banks to maximize cross-channel profitability. The pressure is on to radically simplify and rapidly embrace change.

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The big worry in financial services is fintech disintermediation. Because our capabilities are not at par, for example, satisfaction with our mobile app is going to be lower. The question is: How much do we have to raise our CSAT score before we can conclude that our customers are happy, and they’re not leaving?

— SVP, Omnichannel Sales & Engagement at National US Bank

The ForeSee CX Measurement Stairway for Retail Banks

We want to simplify the way customers do business with us across our channels. ForeSee is helping us deliver on this customer service competency, and they’re helping us to do it quickly in an environment where speed and responsiveness is of the essence.

— Jody Bhagat, Senior Vice President of Internet and Mobile Channel Group, U.S. Bank

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