Uncover the Biggest Mystery in Retail: The Elusive Store Non-Purchaser

You’re doing everything you can to drive store traffic, yet so many shoppers leave without ever making a purchase. We interviewed retailers who said that store conversion rates fell anywhere between 15%-50%. Why don’t those other shoppers buy?

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Understanding the store non-purchaser remains elusive to many retailers, yet can pay huge dividends. And until now, retailers make do with a range of compromised solutions: store receipts, exit surveys, beacon technology, etc.

ForeSee is excited to introduce our Store Non-Purchaser measurement, which takes advantage of a new store paradigm: the shopper who browses online first, then visits the store.

Combining our digital intercept and proven VOC methodology, we can help retailers:

  • Identify shoppers who leave the store without buying
  • Understand and prioritize addressable issues that keep shoppers from buying, such as inadequate stock, confusing display layouts, or the need to enhance associate training
  • Make improvements to the store experience and store sales model that have an impact on desired business outcomes

“If we could close the store non-purchaser gap by even 1-2%, it could result in tens of millions of additional revenue every year.”

– Store Ops Leader at ForeSee Specialty Retail Client


Simpler and easier to implement

Lower cost

Continuous versus episodic

Less biased and more representative

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ForeSee's approach to the store non-purchaser is simple, yet effective – and will reveal suprising and actionable insights for store leaders.

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